In availing of the Virtual Prepaid MasterCard offered by BANK ISLAM BRUNEI DARUSSALAM BERHAD (“the Bank”), the Customer agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“these Terms”) governing the availment of the Card and as may be varied by the Bank  at its sole discretion from time to time:

  1. The Customer acknowledges that upon the Customer’s successful registration of the Bank’s Virtual Prepaid MasterCard (“the Virtual Card”), the Bank will create a Virtual Card Account for the Customer (“the Account”).

  2. The Customer acknowledges that the Virtual Card is strictly a virtual account which enables the Customer to perform on-line transactions. 

  3. By having a Virtual Card, the Customer may perform any of the following transactions:
    1. purchasing products and/or services from any of the Bank’s participating Merchants (“the Merchants”);
    2. transfer to and receive transfers from the Merchants) to other BIBD Customers;
    3. top up for Department Of Electrical Services (DES) or Data Stream Technologies (DST);
    4. effecting bill payments; and
    5. any other banking facilities or services which the Bank may introduce from time to time.

  4. Customers of 15 years of age and above are eligible for availment of the Virtual Card Service (“the Service”).

  5. Customers who are registered as BIBD e-Tunai users may avail of the Service.

  6. Once the Bank has verified the information provided by the Customer, the Bank will send a one-time activation code to the Customer to activate the Service. A Virtual Card Account (“the Account”) will be created and linked to the Customer’s designated account.

  7. The Customer acknowledges that in order to effect transactions through the Customer’s smartphone, there must be connectivity to 3G data services or WIFI.

  8. The Customer acknowledges that the use of the Virtual Card shall also be subject to the Terms of Use issued by MasterCard. By using the Virtual Card the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use issued by MasterCard. The Virtual Card is a prepaid card and the Customer can only spend in accordance with the value stored in the Virtual Card.

  9. The Customer acknowledges that the Virtual Card is only valid for one (1) year from the date of its creation and will be renewed automatically. Any available balance in the Account will be automatically transferred into the new Virtual Card.

  10. The Customer undertakes to maintain sufficient funds in his/her Account at all times to meet any/all transactions to be made by the Customer.

  11. In order to effect any transaction, the Customer must at the time of purchase, provide all the requested information and validate the transaction. Upon the Customer’s confirmation and acceptance of the transaction, the transaction shall be deemed valid.

  12. The Customer acknowledges that for every transaction, the Customer will receive an electronic receipt indicating the details of the transaction for which no signatures will be required. There will be no printed transaction slip. The electronic receipt shall form conclusive and binding proof that the transaction was properly effected.

  13. For any/all money transfers, the Customer authorises the Bank to directly debit the amount to be transferred from the Account including any applicable fees and charges incidental thereto.

  14. The Customer acknowledges that the Bank imposes a daily usage/spending limit on the amount(s) which the Customer may transact in any given day. If the Customer attempts to carry out transactions exceeding the daily usage/spending limit, the Bank, has the absolute discretion to reject such transaction(s) without further notice to the Customer.

  15. The prescribed limits are as determined by the Bank at its sole discretion and are made available on the Bank’s website. The Customer acknowledges that the Bank is at liberty to vary the prescribed limits from time to time and shall keep the Customer notified of any changes in the prescribed limits in any manner the Bank deems appropriate.

  16. The Customer agrees to pay any/all fees, commissions and/or charges which may be imposed in connection with the Service and authorizes the Bank to debit his/her Account at any time and without further notice to the Customer notwithstanding that resultant thereto, the Customer’s Account may be overdrawn. The  Customer may obtain details of all fees, commissions and/or charges incidental to the Service under the Bank’s Tariff of Fees and Charges accessible vide the Bank’s website or by making enquiries at any of the Bank’s branches.

  17. If the Customer wishes to re-load the value in the Customer’s Account, the Customer may do so through any of the following modes:
    1. Transfer funds vide the Customer’s smartphone or via Current or Savings account
    2. Any of the e-Tunai terminals held by the Merchants or
    3. Any other payment channels as may be offered by the Bank from time to time

  18. The Customer acknowledges that in re-loading the value in the Account, the amount re-loaded shall be of the same value and the Customer agrees to bear any fee imposed by the Bank in connection thereto.

  19. The Customer acknowledges that the Bank may vary such fees and charges at its sole discretion from time to time with notice to the Customer.

  20. The Customer acknowledges that he/she shall be solely and fully responsible for all transactions effected. The Customer accepts that the Bank shall not be responsible for verifying the validity of any transaction.

  21. The Customer agrees to hold the Bank harmless against any rejected and/or failed transactions including any delay in effecting the transactions arising out of or as a result of any technical/operational malfunctions beyond the Bank’s reasonable control. The Customer agrees that the Bank shall not be held liable in any form or manner if the Customer’s smartphone is used to effect unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.

  22. The Bank will not effect any refunds to the Customer in the event the Customer is dissatisfied with the quality, fitness-for-purpose or any aspects of the products/services provided and/or any fraud or misrepresentation by the Merchant. The Customer acknowledges that the Bank will not be obliged or responsible to investigate or offer any form of assistance in settling any disputes in connection with the products with the Merchants. All disputes in relation to the transaction effected by using the Service shall be resolved between the Merchant and the Customer with no recourse to the Bank.

  23. In the event of any disputes or disagreement concerning the transaction of the Virtual Card, the Customer may contact the Bank’s Contact Centre for the matter to be investigated.

  24. The Customer agrees that the Bank’s records of any transaction effected by the use of the Service shall be deemed conclusive and binding on the Customer. The Customer also agrees that once consent has been provided by the Customer, the authorised transfer can no longer be revoked.

  25. The Customer agrees that the Bank is at liberty to vary any provisions herein including any change in prescribed fees provided that the Bank gives the Customer prior notice thereof by any mode of communication deemed appropriate by the Bank. The Customer further agrees that if he/she continues to use the Service after the date upon which any variation is to take effect (as specified in the notice), the usage of the Service  shall signify his/her acceptance to be bound by such variation.

  26. The Customer agrees that if the Customer does not agree to any variation in the terms and conditions, the Customer may terminate the Virtual Card provided that the fund in the Account has been fully utilised. Should the Customer elect to terminate the Service, Customer should inform the Bank’s Contact Centre at 673 2238181.

  27. The Customer hereby agrees that the Service is strictly to be used to purchase products and/or services which are not prohibited by Shariah principles as determined by the Bank’s own Shariah Advisory Body. The lists of the products/services are not exhaustive and may vary from time to time and currently include:
    1. Alcoholic beverages;
    2. Tickets to nightclubs, pubs, escort and dating services; and
    3. Any product associated with gambling transactions.

  28. In the event the Customer claims for any refunds, the Bank shall decide at its own discretion whether the Customer is entitled to such refunds subsequent to the conclusion of its own internal investigations into the validity of the claims submitted.

  29. The Bank may, at its sole discretion, terminate the Service without further notice to the Customer in any of the following instances:
    1. If the Bank discovers or has reasonable grounds to suspect that the Customer is in violation of any of the terms stated hereinabove or
      1. The transactions appear suspicious to the Bank.

  30. The Customer acknowledges that the Account is a non-profit bearing account. As such, the Customer accepts that the Customer will not be entitled to any dividends for maintaining the Account.

  31. The Bank is at liberty to cancel, suspend or block access to and use of the Service (or any part thereof) for any reason whatsoever and for any length of time and upon any conditions that the Bank may at its absolute discretion determine.

  32. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the Laws of Brunei Darussalam. The Courts of Brunei Darussalam shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disputes and matters pertaining hereto.