Corporate Social Responsibility

We have undertaken a number of creative projects within our areas of focus. BIBD ALAF is a recent example.

BIBD ALAF is an education-community funding initiative in the form of financial support and assistance termed as Advocating Life-Long Learning for Aspiring Future. As an extension to BIBD's contribution towards Early Childhood Education, BIBD believes on the importance of education and learning as an underlying core of every individual and national development, hence will provide even more substantial impact on nation building through education. Please visit for more information.

Area of Focus

We typically focus our efforts on three areas: Education, Entrepreneurship and Community.

Education projects nurture future leaders and thoughtful citizens. As a bank, we have particular expertise in financial knowledge and skills. We can help participants with financial planning, creating a business plan, leadership and teambuilding.

Entrepreneurship projects empower individuals and small businesses. Our entrepreneurship awards, micro-grant schemes and micro-credit schemes help to identity and to groom local talent.

Community projects preserve our tradition and way of life, helping Bruneians help each other and the environment. These are the projects with the widest social impact and for which we have received a lot of love from the Bruneian public.

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