17 August 2018

BIBD QuickPay and BIBD BizNet Press Conference

August 17th, 2018 – Brunei Darussalam gears closer towards a fully cashless society today with the recent additions to the BIBD NEXGEN universe: BIBD BizNet and QuickPay which will support the de-cashing of the economy with seamless transactions.

Besides the direct benefits of going paperless such as having a documented, secured, and digitised economy with cost savings and reducing dependencies on physical cash and receipts, these initiatives support strategies under Brunei Wawasan 2035 promoting the national growth of entrepreneurism that will invigorate a more vibrant private sector, create more opportunities and develop greater competitive strength.

In line with national aspirations, BIBD NEXGEN and the ecosystems powered by it will digitally connect everyone, forge alliances and create conveniences such as improving the ease of doing business, creating a more progressive and pro-business economy.

About BIBD BizNet Mobile app.
The BIBD BizNet banking platform app provides corporate customers along with government-linked companies in Brunei Darussalam mobile access to the BIBD BizNet web based online platform.

Launched earlier in the year, BIBD BizNet is an upgrade to its previous digital Corporate Internet Banking platform that provides day-to-day accounts and payments operations support with real-time account access along with a collection of other enhanced features. These include single security token access for Parent and Subsidiary accounts, payment approval, fund transfers, bill payments along with information such as foreign currency rates and Branch/ ATM locator and other services.

The BIBD BizNet service and Mobile app brings affordability and convenience to BIBD MSME account holders supporting businesses, especially budding entrepreneurs, with better and easier financial management of their businesses while providing flexibility to their business operations.

Adding to efforts to promote financial management among entrepreneurs, BIBD also recently launched its BIBD MSME Account. The account only requires a minimum opening and average monthly balance of only BND 50, much lower than the usual requirement imposed by other banks, is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).

About QuickPay
BIBD NEXGEN is BIBD’s revolutionary mobile-led digital banking concept that harnesses the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and customer insights. BIBD recognises the future of banking is not only digital but specifically mobile-led, especially for Brunei Darussalam where mobile penetration and interaction are amongst the highest in the region. Banking services will be more accessible through the platforms ‘powered by BIBD NEXGEN’ which will ‘de-cash’ the economy through enhanced interconnectivity and multi-industry alliances.

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