24 January 2019

BIBD hands over B$2,500 each to ten BIBD Aspirasi monthly winners for January

January 24th, 2019 – BIBD yesterday realised ten more aspirations by giving out a total of B$25,000 to ten monthly January winners of BIBD’s Aspirasi Reward Program.

Held at the International Convention Centre during the Consumer Fair, the prizes were handed over by BIBD’s Head of Product Management for Retail Banking Group, Hjh Adinah Hj Jamudin.

One of the BIBD Aspirasi winners, Raub bin Haji Samat shared that he was very grateful for the prize. After beginning his savings’ journey with bank more than twenty years ago, he has been using BIBD Aspirasi to ensure that he has enough for his future along with any emergencies.

School teacher Noor Saadah binti Orang Kaya Maha Bijaya Hj Othman also shared her delight at winning as always encourages people around her to save, especially to be prepared for emergencies. Haji Ahmad Faiz bin Haji Abdul Rahim also shared his excitement as he was announced as one of the winners as he has started his savings journey recently to ensure that he has enough savings for his immediate and long-term future. He also commented on the win-win situation the program offers where they are able to win the more they save.

The BIBD Aspirasi Reward Program is a unique investment program that allows customer to earn attractive dividends and have a chance to be winners in the monthly, quarterly and grand prize draw. Whilst the mechanic encourages customers to keep their funds for longer term savings with an incentive of a draw, BIBD hopes that this programme will help customers to nurture the discipline of savings and balancing their financial management by prioritizing their needs against their wants.

BIBD customers will also be part of the BIBD Aspirasi Reward Program, which has monthly and quarterly prizes for more than 100 more winners, including the grand prize of B$250,000, for as long as they keep their funds in BIBD Aspirasi for a minimum of 90 days prior to each draw date. The program increases the chances of winning where every B$50 deposit saved shall be entitled to one entry for the Reward Program.

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