BIBD QuickPay

Introducing BIBD QuickPay, quick cashless payment option via QR code. Simply Scan > Pay > Confirm.



  • Quick login via BIBD NEXGEN Mobile app.
  • Option to pay using debit, credit or virtual prepaid card and also Hadiah points.
  • No sales slip, receipts can be saved via email.
Requirements and Eligibility for Merchants
  • Applicable to Sole Proprietorship and Partnership.
  • Maintain a current corporate account with BIBD.
QuickPay Merchant Application

Please call 2269399 or email and we will get in touch with you the soonest possible.

QuickPay Merchants

1. Babu's Kitchen
    - Ground Floor, Dar Takaful IBB 2 Foodcourt, BSB.
    - Simpang 21, Unit 18, Ground Floor, Block B, Bangunan Gadong Central.

2. Arum
    - G.05, Ground Floor, Yayasan SHHB Shopping Complex, BSB.

3. Oudh Al Aswad Brunei
    - G.07, Ground Floor, Yayasan SHHB Shopping Complex, BSB.

4. Printmartz Advertising
    - Unit 9, Block A, 2nd Floor, Q-Lap Complex, BSB.

5. Mudaser
    - 1.09, Level 1, Yayasan SHHB Shopping Complex, BSB..

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