Important Notice

Recommended mobile operating systems and web browsers

Operating SystemWeb Browser(s)
Mobile iOS 6.0.1 and newerSafari 6 and above
Android 4.4.2 and newerLocal Browser
Windows Phone 8.1 and newerInternet Explorer 11 and above
Windows Phone 10Edge 13 and above

How to update the version of your mobile device’s web browsers?

  • iOS users – Open App Store > Search for your web browser > Click Update
  • Android users – Open Google Play app > Search for your browser > Click Update
  • Windows users – Open Microsoft Store app > Search for your web browser > Click Update


Recommended mobile operating systems to use BIBD NEXGEN Mobile app

BIBD App VersionMinimum Android VersionRemarks to utilize Full suite of services
3.7.15, 6 and above
Progresif Pay6 and above


BIBD App VersionMinimum iOS VersionRemarks
Progresif Pay8