Variety of accounts that suit your needs

Current Account

Perfect for everyday use without worry

General Current Account

An account that gives you the convenience of holding a cheque book.

Tiered Current Account

An account that allows you to get more value out of your money, the more you save.

Savings Account

Perfect for rainy days and build up your long term plans

General Saver

A general savings account that grants you easy access to your money.

Easy Saver

A complementary account which makes managing your money online so much easier.

Purpose Saver

An account with a regular savings plan which makes it much easier for you to achieve your goals.

Haj Saver

A unique savings account aimed at assisting you to fulfill your ambition of performing Haj or Umrah.

Tiered Saver

Maximize the value of your money by saving with us.

Foreign Currency Account

Enjoy the flexibility to transact in any of the 6 major foreign currencies: AUD, CNY, EUR, GBP, SAR and USD

Foreign Current Account

A current account facility in your choice of foreign currencies.

Foreign Savings Account

A savings account facility in your choice of foreign currencies.

Term Deposit Account

Enjoy higher returns with our shariah compliant term deposit accounts.

Term Deposit BND

Only with a minimum deposit of BND1,000.00 to access our term deposit facilities.

Term Deposit Foreign

Term deposit account facilities in your choice of foreign currencies.

Certificate of Deposit

A life-changing opportunity to achieve your greatest aspiration in life.

BIBD Aspirasi

A flexible saving scheme for better returns and potentially get rewarded with prizes.