Ar-Rahnu Micro Financing

Unlocking opportunities for you to achieve your aspirations.

Ar-Rahnu Micro Financing offers two products:

1. Az-Zahab

For customers who have not assigned their salary to BIBD and uses Gold as collateral.

2. Al-Jauhar

For customers who assigns their salary to BIBD and uses Gold as collateral.

  • Eligibility

    Brunei Citizens and Permanent Residents

    Individuals between the age of 18 to 65 years*

    Assignment of Income (applicable for Al-Jauhar scheme)

    Open to BIBD account holders only

    *The maximum age of Customer is 55 years if the Customer is not receiving TAP/SCP and SPK, 60 years if the Customer is receiving TAP and not exceeding 65 years at the time of expected financing maturity.

  • Required Documents

    Original copy of Identity card (applicant & Gold owner)

    Original copy of latest salary slip (applicable for Al-Jauhar product only)

    Original copy of Pension Slip (for Al-Jauhar)

  • Fees

    You may refer to the Bank's Schedule of Tariffs.


  • Obtain short term financing up to 80% of the prevailing market rate

  • Secured safekeeping of Gold pledged

  • Secured financing pledged against gold, and you may spread out your monthly payments over 12 months.

  • Gold Cleaning Service

Suitable For

  • Retired Individuals

  • Working Professionals

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Product Disclosure Sheet

Shariah Concept

Ar-Rahnu (Pawnbroking)

Ar-Rahnu is also known as Islamic pawn, refers to the mechanism whereby an item of value is pledged as a security for financing.


Qadhrul Hassan (Interest Free Loan)

The financing agreement, whereby BIBD grants financing to the customer and is required to pay only the amount borrowed.


Al-Wadiah Yad Dhamanah (Safekeeping with Guarantee)

Al-Wadiah Yad Dhamanah is an agreement between the customer and BIBD, whereby BIBD accepts custody of the item of value (gold and valuable items) and ensures the safekeeping of the gold with guarantee against loss, damage, theft and the like with fees.

Further Information

Please read the Product Disclosure Sheet for more information. (English / Malay).