Investor Education

Empowering Financial Futures: Our Commitment to Investor Education

Our Commitment to Education

At BIBD Securities, we’re not just about financial services; we are passionate about financial empowerment.

We stand firmly aligned with our  national mandate to enhance financial inclusion and the growth of capital markets in Brunei, always guided by the principles of Shariah.

We believe that the cornerstone of financial empowerment is education. That’s why we’ve placed investor education at the heart of our mission.

Our goal is to facilitate learning opportunities, not only for our valued clients and the broader community, but also within our organisation to continuously develop the skills and capabilities of our team.

Making a Difference Through Outreach

Over the years, we’ve proudly hosted a variety of financial literacy and investment education initiatives:

1. Corporate Employees: We’ve organised over 15 financial literacy events and roadshow, each tailored to the unique needs of corporate employees. Our focus here is to underscore the importance of long-term investing and goal-oriented strategies.

2. Tertiary Students: For the future leaders, we dive into the essentials of Islamic investing, financial planning and risk profiling. These sessions are designed to provide a strong foundation in investment knowledge.

3. Young Learners: We’re bringing financial literacy to primary and secondary students. Our programs cover introductory financial planning, the important of savings and strategies for achieving financial goals.

Collaboring for Greater Impact

In 2023, we partnered with Big BWN Project through a Memorandum of Understanding to deliver the ‘Waste Not, Save More’ series of workshops. These sessions uniquely blend financial literacy with zero waste education, teaching students how eco-friendly practices can lead to financial savings.

Engaging Our Clients

Our commitment extends to curating intimate sessions for both new and existing clients to showcase our financial planning services and how to achieve their financial goals through Shariah-compliant means.

Empowering Through Digital Platforms

We continually educate through our digital channels, employing graphical illustrations to simplify complex investment topics and weekly market updates on Instagram Stories. This approach keeps our audience informed about global economic trends and various asset classes.

The Investment Challenge

A highlight of our initiatives is the Investment Challenge for tertiary students. This six-month program, which involved students from five local institutions, offered practical experience in portfolio and investment management, fostering a hands-on learning environment.

The Future Awaits

This is just the beginning of our journey in investor education. We’re excited about the future, and are looking forward to implementing more innovative and engaging plans to further our mission.

If you’re passionate about financial literacy and inclusion and wish to collaborate with us, we welcome you to get in touch at

Together, let’s empower our community with the knowledge and tools to build a financially secure future.