Asset Management


BIBD Asset Management (“BIBD AM”), under the license of BIBD Securities Sdn Bhd, offers Shariah-compliant investment solutions and capabilities to institutional investors. BIBD AM is the first Bruneian external fund manager with a vision of being a leading Shariah-compliant asset manager both in Brunei and globally.

Our capabilities and expertise encompass the entire Islamic asset management space. Our competitive advantages include:

  • In-house expertise in managing Islamic Fixed Income portfolios.
  • Proven experience in portfolio management, structuring, deal execution and capital markets.
  • Strong risk fundamentals that govern our investment decisions.
  • Experienced Shariah assurance from our in-house Shariah team and Shariah Advisory Body.
  • Bruneian presence that enables us to serve local corporates & government-linked companies, as well as our regional counterparts

BIBD Asset Management is licensed under the Securities Market Order, 2013 and regulated by Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (“AMBD”).

Fixed Income

Our Expertise

BIBD AM is an objective driven investor that seeks to grow clients’ investments through tried-and-tested risk management principles and strong Shariah governance guidelines.

The Investment committee and investment team of BIBD AM is one of the largest and most experienced in Brunei. We currently employ 4 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholders

Our Investment Philisophy

Our fundamental investment philosophy is focused on quality businesses
that showcase:

  • Differentiated business
  • modelsSustainable returns
  • Strong financials
  • Experienced management teams

We prioritise a long-term approach with low turnover. Our investment approach relies heavily on quality research and information, and the experience of our team to make positive market calls whilst limiting market risk. We work  closely  withour clients to seek the best risk-adjusted returns for their portfolios.

  • BIBD AM services are only for institutional investors.
  • Investors should make their own appraisal of risks and should consult their own professional  advisors prior to any subscription.


Contact Centre: (+673) 223 8181
BIBD Asset Management Tingkat 1, Kompleks Setia Kenangan, Kg Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan BE1518, Brunei Darussalam